Virginia Squash Racquets Association, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) public charity dedicated to the support, promotion, and development of squash throughout Virginia Tax ID 54-1510489.

We host tournaments and leagues for amateurs of all ages to enjoy the great game of squash (and some friendly competition!). We bring the nation’s top collegiate squash players to Richmond every year for the oldest (and best!) tournament of its kind. We promote the game and encourage more people to play. We run a squash program for underserved kids from one of Richmond’s poorest neighborhoods. We do everything we can to grow the game of squash – what can we do for you?

We believe all players can benefit from the game of squash.


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VA Squash

Virginia Squash Racquets Association, Inc.

P.O. Box 4861
Richmond, VA 23220

Email: info@vasquash.com

Tax ID: 54-1510489

Our Board

Executive Board

·        PRESIDENT:  John Patton (JP)

·        VICE PRESIDENT: Jim Bonbright

·        TREASURER: David Bibb

·        SECRETARY: Bob Dewar

·        CONTROLLER: Jack Allen

·        PRESIDENT EX OFFICIO:  Ros Bowers


Members at Large


·        Will Allen

·        Mary Bacon

·        Jose Calderon

·        Tom Hillgrove

·        Eddie O'Leary

·        Julie Padgett

·        Justin Shields

·        George Stephenson

·        Laurie Troup

·        Mary Kathryn Woodward

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