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VSRA Discretionary Squash Scholarship

Who It's For

VSRA seeks to develop youth from our community who might not have the financial resources and squash instruction access to reach their potential as a high-level player and future squash ambassador.

VSRA would like to help deserving youth develop personally and athletically.

Scholarship Recipient Wins MSC Junior Bronze Event

Expanding access to the sport of squash


Our Goals:

  • Help young squash players gain access to better educational opportunities.

  • Provide opportunities for community service and leadership related to squash.

Our Criteria:

  • Family shall have a demonstrated financial need which the BoD in its sole discretion presents VSRA with an opportunity to accelerate the youth’s outlook as consistent with our goals.

  • Youth shall have a combination of demonstrated scholastic achievement, love of squash and good sportsmanship and community interest. Youth shall be actively playing and developing in squash.



  • Any interested youth may have her/his parent email us and appeal for a BoD member to nominate the individual for this discretionary scholarship, subject to funds availability.

We Need Your Support Today!

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