Richmond City League

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I join a team?

Any current member of US Squash who has access to a squash court can join a team.  Currently, five clubs sponsor teams: The Country Club of Virginia, The Westwood Club, The Commonwealth Club, The James Center YMCA and ACAC Short Pump.  In the past, the University of Richmond has also sponsored teams.

What do I need to do in order to participate?

Everyone who plays in the Richmond Squash League needs to create a free account with US Squash.  The process takes about 2 minutes and requires an email and a date of birth.  In addition, prospective participants should contact the league coordinator at each club to get on a team.  The coordinators for each club are:

Ros Bowers Country Club of Virginia

Richard Day James Center YMCA

Jim Irby Westwood Club

Andrew Stiles ACAC Short Pump

George Stephenson Commonwealth Club


What equipment is needed to play in the Richmond Squash League?

Proper protective eye wear is required in every League match.  In addition, non-marking shoes are required on every court in town.  Certain clubs have other attire restrictions that should also be observed.  For example, CCV requires all white clothing for men to play squash.

Is there an age requirement for the Richmond Squash League?

No, anyone can participate.  However, when younger children who do not drive themselves participate, the parents need to be aware that they will be responsible for getting the participant to matches on time.  All participants are required to be capable of scheduling matches with opponents.  While a fourteen-year-old may be capable of playing squash at a high level, the player needs to be capable of coordinating matches responsibly.

How much does the squash league cost?

Participants who sign up to be on a team for the 2016-2017 season will be charged $85.  This will include a 1-year membership in US Squash (normally $99 online).  In addition, guest fees at all participating clubs will be waived for league matches.

How are the league fees paid?

Virginia Squash, the volunteer-run organization that sponsors the Richmond Squash League, will send a bill to each of the five clubs that will list who is participating and then each club will be in charge of billing participants.

Who gets the money paid by participants?

Virginia Squash will collect the $85/participant and will pay $60/participant to US Squash for use of their software and a discounted payment of the US Squash membership due to the large number of League participants.  Virginia Squash will use the remaining $25/participant to cover the cost of the captains’ shirts, the engraving of the league trophy, shirts for the City Champions and Finalists and the party for the league finalists.  If there is any additional money produced by the League, it will go to further the goals of Virginia Squash, a Virginia 501(c)(3) charitable organization committed to support, promote, and develop squash throughout Central Virginia.

How many matches do participants get?

Depending on how many teams there are in the league, participants should get 8 or 9 regular season matches and may get more matches if their teams make the playoffs.

How does the league work?

Captains for each team will coordinate with each other and with their teams.  Captains will email their teams to let players know who their next opponent and give them the opponents’ email addresses.  Players are then responsible for organizing a match with their opponents.  Following the match, players should let their captains know the scores and should also enter the score on  Points are awarded to each team.  All scores need to be posted by the end of the round in order for the scores to count.


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