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Africa Outreach

Early this year on July the 13th of 2019 Virginia Squash Racquets Association donated 16 rackets and 16 pairs of protective eye wear to 30 Juniors of Mufulira Squash Club in Zambia, Africa -- the town where local professional Patrick Chifunda was born and grew up playing squash. It has been over 30 years that any kid of Mufulira had been given a new racket or eyewear since Patrick left his hometown.  Patrick’s return that day with VSRA’s gift brought back joy, excitement and happiness to the kids.

The vibe at Mufulira Squash Club was very electric. The Club Coach and Chairman of Mufulira Squash Club reports that the kids and coaches were deeply touched by the Virginia Squash Board members and community at large for every donation and generosity that was shown by them.

Thank you

Patrick Chifunda

Squash Professional

The Country Club of Virginia

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