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2020 VA State Open Skills Tournament




Country Club of Virginia

6031 Saint Andrews Lane,

Richmond, VA 23226 


This annual event showcases women and men competing across eight divisions from 2.5 to 5.0.

The 2019 Virginia State Open saw nearly forty (40) players arrive at The Country Club of Virginia over the weekend of March 22 - 24, 2019.  Men and women competed across five (5) divisions with congratulations in order to the trophy winners listed below.  We look forward to seeing everyone next Spring for the 2020 Virginia State Open.


3.0 Women - Anna Padgett (Champion) and Julia Padgett (Finalist)

3.0 Men - Stephen Kuffler (Champion) and Ben Jones (Finalist)

3.5 Men - John Jones IV (Champion) and Robert Gentil (Finalist)

4.0 Men - Meade Hall (Champion) and David Bibb (Finalist)

4.5 Men - Akhil Reddy (Champion) and Rick McRae (Finalist)

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