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VSRA Player Awarded UVA Women's Squash Team MVP for 2017-18 Season

Sarah Doss: Sarah “Like A Boss” Doss. Her motto goes a little something like: Play Hard. Work Hard. And Work Harder. She imposes her will and her game on virtually anyone she plays, which was true for long stretches even against opponents from some of the top five ranked teams we played this season. Sarah is just such a ferocious competitor, such a human backboard, against which everything you throw at it comes back--and sometimes with interest--that you just know she is going to come out on top in a scrap. And that she did, going undefeated in the last ten matches of the season, which included some of our toughest and most important matches. During that crucial slate of competition, every single player in our front 10 stepped in somewhere along the way with a crucial win, however Sarah won every single time, beating her opponents from Middlebury (twice), Williams (twice), Brown and George Washington.

Her performances at Nationals were simply outstanding; she overpowered three very good opponents in a row without even dropping a single game. One of the aspects of match play that we have focused on for the women’s team this year is how important it is for our players to improve their mental toughness. If you want an example of what that looks like and what it brings to your game and results in crucial situations, there is no better model to look to on the squad than Sarah Doss.


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